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Bo comezo de curso!

Dende Galego en Cork desexámosvos que comecedes ben o curso! Por se queda algunha dúbida das opcións que tedes de estudar galego, aquí vai un recordatorio.

Galician Language and Culture I (Second Year)

Galician Language and Culture II (Second Year)

Galician Language III (Final Year)

Galician Cultural Studies (Final Year)

E aquí está o horario do primeiro semestre:

horario curso 2015-2016Sen máis, aquí vai un pequeno vídeo no que poderedes ver algunhas das paisaxes máis coñecidas de Galicia.… Read the rest

Interview with Manuel Vieites

Entrevista con Manuel VieitesManuel Vieites has a long trajectory alternating theatrical practice, as director and actor, with theatre research. He has been instrumental in the development of training spaces for practitioners and educators, culminating with the establishment of the Escola Superior de Arte Dramático (Galician School of Dramatic Art) in 2005, the first third-level educational institution in the Galician context.… Read the rest

Event – Poetry Reading by Isaac Xubín

Aboutthedifferentways_IsaacXubínPoetry Reading
About the different ways to defend a house and bury the dead
Isaac Xubín
Coughlans, Tuesday 18th November – 18:00

About the different ways to defend a house and bury the dead is an impassioned dialogue about personal and national identity in the Iberian Peninsula through the reading of 6 poems by 6 authors in 6 different languages accompanied by an insightful analysis of the content by Galician poet Isaac Xubín.… Read the rest

Interview with Xavier Queipo

Xavier Queipo

Foto: Cé Tomé

A couple of weeks ago, Xavier Queipo visited us in Cork for a day full of fantastic activities. We didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of asking him about his experience in Cork and getting to know a bit more about his work on the translation of Ulysses… as well as his favourite words in Galician.… Read the rest

Event – Readings from the Periphery

Readings from the Periphery: with writers Marta Dacosta, Harkaitz Cano and Isaac Xubín
University College Cork & Cork Central Library
Friday 17th October 2014
This event brings together three writers from the Basque Country and Galicia to discuss the significance of writing in so-called minority languages in today’s world.Read the rest
welcome to galego en cork


Welcome to Galego en Cork, a blog where you’ll be able to open a window to the fascinating history and culture of Galicia and its shared roots with Ireland. Do not hesitate to browse the different categories and posts to become familiar with the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.… Read the rest